GEO TARGETING From all over the world.
RATE Number of goods sold during the previous month, pcs. Commodity categories, participating in the affiliate program on ePN* Electronics and household appliances
1 0-99 2,5% 5% 1% 2%
2 100-499 4% 11%
3 500-999 5% 12%
4 1000 and more 6% 15%
  • + 20% increasing coefficient from the commission paid for the purchase of goods, attracted by direct link (except electronics and household appliances)
Cookies Validity 7 days (if user puts goods in the cart during cookie's validity period and the payment is made within 30 days after that, the order will also be counted as "affiliate").



  • Thematic sites
  • Cashback services
  • Banner ads
  • Teaser ads
  • Public pages/groups/communities in social network
  • Targeted ads in social networks


  • Keyword bidding via Seacrh Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns
  • Incentivized traffic (Bonus, Cash)
  • Adult – traffic
  • Doorway-traffic
  • Toolbars and plugins
  • * All commodity categories with the exception of "Electronics and household appliances"; goods items, which aren't sold by LLC "Internet Resheniya”; commodities in section; gift certificates.

    Note. The affiliate commission is not applied for goods that have been added to the "Cart” (or to the "Delayed") before going through the affiliate link.

  • ** Customers who have placed more than one order on;
  • *** Customers who have placed an order on for the first time.
  • Internet resources that contain pornographic information; promote violence; racial, sexual, religious and other forms of disparity; activities that are banned by the Russian Federation legislation; violate the law on the rights to the results of intellectual activity can not participate in the affiliate program.
  • It is prohibited to use "" trademark in name, domain name, commercial designation of the Partner. It is not allowed to use the trademark "" and signs similar to it to the point of confusion in the names of groups and accounts in social networks, if such use adversely affects the business reputation of LLC "Internet Resheniya” and / or if it is not be explicitly stated that the group (account) was created by the "" affiliate program participant.
  • Affiliate links, banners and promotional materials made by adding a partner identifier to the customer's cookie files, are only allowed upon a condition that the user has subscribed voluntarily.
  • Distribution of affiliate links, banners and promotional materials by sending spam in any technical way (such as sending out electronic messages without prior consent of the user or the addressee) is prohibited.
  • It is forbidden to distribute affiliate links in the following ways:
    • By Seach Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns (a kind of paid advertising on the Internet when advertisement is displayed in accordance with the Internet page content, or in accordance with the content of previously viewed by the user Internet pages (targeted advertising), as well as the other advertising types that are similar to definition and essence of contextual advertising)) for the search word "" and its derivatives;
    • By using the words "" and all derivatives in the headers of contextual advertising.
    • By making Internet sites or Internet pages specially optimized for search queries with the word "" and all its derivatives, solely for purpose of redirecting visitors to another site or page (Doorways traffic).
  • Cookies are valid adds up to 7 calendar days from the moment of clicking through the affiliate link. Meanwhile if a Customer visits the online megamarket, using affiliate link placed by a Partner in accordance with the rules and places goods or service in a shopping cart, the affiliate commission for those goods and services will be available if those goods or services are bought within 30 days from the date of clicking at the affiliate link.